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I can not find any info or the value of these bottles. If anyone can help me. Thank you thank you. I cleaned one and left other in condition I bought it in.


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    Thanks for posting.

    Those of us who have been collecting for a long time (as in more than 40 years) likely recall seeing these pictured in one of the 1970s-era antique bottle books by John Adams. He erroneously identified this form as a "wine tester" or "wine sampler" or something to that affect.

    However, a better answer came along in the form of a wonderful photo of a set of these bottles which are complete with their labels and packaging. You will find this photo in the superb Willy Van Den Bossche book entitled, "Antique Glass Bottles : A Comprehensive Illustrated Guide" The photo identifies these as cologne bottles.

    They date from the mid 19th century, and could be American or possibly European in origin. I do not consider them to be rare.

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