Is this antique green blown decanter bottle tooled lip

Hello, I was wondering if there are thoughts on the age of this bottle , its oddly shaped and seems to be that way as to conform to the hand for dispense. The only 2 seams I can see are on the top edge and they go up to the bottom of the tooled lip.,I do not see any seams below the top flat area , I really would like to know more . thank you in advance ,


  • You are right to wonder about the age of this decanter given the whittle marks and the applied lip. The maker definitely went to the trouble of displaying a hand-blown look and feel.

    I contacted a Danish friend of mine (also a bottle collector) who has one. He reports this was made by Holmegaard of Denmark in the 1970s. He says there is an amber example on eBay right now.

    See the label on this example:

  • Thank you for your help, Yeah I did think is seamed a bit to nice for an old bottle,but you never know, I appreciate your time,

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