How to age glass coca cola bottles

Hello, I have some glass coca cola bottles and was wondering how do I read the date code on the side of them? The date codes follow this format on all of mine ##-##

I have found on various websites that sometimes the first 2 numbers are the year but I'm other websites the 2nd set of numbers is the year.

Can anyone help me with the proper way to read these codes?


  • Hello all, so I have a question about a glass Coca cola bottle I found bit I'm running into a condurum

    The bottle says PAT D-105529 and the day code says 15 L 48, according to what I know about date codes on coke bottles this should be a bottle from around 1915 but my research points out that Pat d bottles were not made in 1915, but I could be wrong about that, that's why I am asking. The L I'm assuming is a glass manufacturer mark. But I'm not 100% sure.

    can anyone help me with the date? Am I correct in my thought this is a PAT D bottle from 1915?

    Picture are the bottle I am talking about. It's kind of hard to see the raised glass in the picture but the best I can take.

    Any help is appreciated!

  • This is the article that you want to see:

  • As the article states (on page 13 I believe) the Patent D-xxxxxx bottles are from 1938 to 1951

  • COCA-COLA ( block letters, no script)



    EG 24 1657

  • Can anyone tell me about this bottle?

  • TheFonz

    The bottle was made in 1948 by Laurens Glass works (L=Laurens) the 2 digits to the right are the year, the digits to the left is the mold number.

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