PIEDMONT BOTTLING CORP Can’t find any info on bottle embossed with company name!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

I have this bottle that came from a family members home after they passed. I have searched every combination of embossment on this bottle and can’t find anything on it or the company in Boston [embossed] on it. it seems to be kind of grey tinted, until held up to the light then light purple. on front body embossed PIEDMONT/ BOTTLING CORP’N./CULPEPER,VA. Embossed on front foot 8 FLU.OZS. Embossed on back fooT PROPERTY OF PIEDMONT BOTTLING CORPORATION (the N at the end of corporation appears to be backward) Embossed on bottom M/ SERIES 1916. Any information would be so appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!


  • Hi

    Thanks for posting. You have a soda bottle with a crown top which likely is late teens or 1920s. Not sure why you mention BOSTON??

    I frequently cite this fact about soda bottles of this era - there were literally thousands and thousands of simple, local operations scattered across the US in towns of all sizes. Likely many were family operations running out of a garage or barn. All that is left to history are the bottles and maybe an entry in a phone book or city directory.

  • Sorry was meant to say embossed not Boston I have tried local directories and can’t find anything on the bottle

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