Wine bottle imported from Italy with wind up clock in center

I have this bottle for over twenty years.

The black lettering is all but faded, it still can be read with a magnifying glass,

the clock goes right through the bottle, the cap is metal and says imported from Italy.

The clock still runs, but needs cleaning. The clock is made by Kaiser, made in Germany.

The bottle has never been opened. Any help would be appreciated.


  • This is a tough case.

    If you consider just the bottle, then it is not worth much. However, the contents could be exotic and valuable. It is really a "package deal" - I would be looking for feedback in the world of vintage spirits.

  • Thanks for your comment Chris and yes i believe it would have to be a package deal.

    The contents are marked Cherry. Have any ideas on the date. Thanks again.

  • Normally I would suggest looking at the mold seam up by the mouth / lip but it is obscured by wax. If there are numbers on the base or other marks, that might suggest that the bottle is machine made.

    Another avenue of research would be to reach out to watch or clock collectors and see if they can be helpful. Dating the timepiece should answer your question about bottle age.


  • Hi Chris

    I did some searching this morning and found a couple of them on WorthPoint, they were sold by Ebay.

    WorthPoint did not show a selling price. this is the information I got.Kaiser W German clock in ESTE

    Italian Cherry wine bottle, hand blown into mold with seams on sides . It looks like there are some markings on the bottom but I can't make them out.It seems like its a very difficult one to get information on, Thank you so much for all your help.

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