More bottles to research!

Hello all! I have a few more bottles and rubs of their embossing to share with you with hope that maybe y'all can help me figure out their age and maybe a ballpark value, if any...

First one is really cool, almost reminds me of like candle jars or something. Really pretty cross on each side, with a band of lines going all the way around the bottle, connecting the crosses. Mouth has a seam and lip is a little uneven. No numbers or letters on the bottle or anywhere at all actually.

#2 bottle has The Bee Candy Mfg Co San Antonio, Tex embossed on it. It has a piece broken off at the crown, as you can see in the pics. But it is very thick glass, with lots of bubbles through it glass.. It looks like the bottle has either turned purple from age and exposure, or it was made that way. I have lived in the San Antonio area my entire life and have never heard of this company, so I'm super curious about it!

Okay now #3 is a Delaware Punch bottle with 3 flat sides instead of just being a typical round bottle. You can see in the photos that the neck and crown are uneven. Bottom is embossed with San Antonio Tex amd some type of insignia.

Thanks in advance!



  • Thanks for posting

    #1 might be a Holy Water bottle but I am used to seeing those as much smaller in size and fitted with a ground stopper. Your bottle is machine made and mid 20th century

    #2 This is soda bottle from the very early 20th century. The amethyst tint is the result of manganese in the glass which helps date the bottle since its use fell out of fashion around 1920 I believe. Below is an ad from a 1918 confectioners publication. I guess they bottled soda, at least for a time.

    #3 - another crown top soda bottle. There were, quite literally, thousands of small bottlers of soda and beer at one time. There is much to say about any one in particular except that they were probably a mom-and-pop operation with no advertising budget and remain known only by the bottles they produced.

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