Need help ending a 20 year mystery...

First off, hello, my name is Neil and I collect all sorts of oddities and trinkets I come across. Twenty+ years ago I was living in Virginia, and my ex-father in-law used to go out digging bottles in the woods whenever he came across an old garbage dump site or outhouse. As a result, I got into collecting bottles. As my collection grew, my friends started bringing me bottles they'd come across in an old basement, or at a thrift store, or wherever. Then one afternoon a friend of mine, a waterman (made his living fishing) brought me a bottle he had pulled up in one of his nets in the York River not far from the battlefield. He asked if I wanted it for my collection. I've now spent over 20 years off and on trying to at least get a date range in it.

It stands about 9⅜" tall, and is made of thick brownish green glass with lots of bubbles in it. The base is very thick, almost an inch, and doesn't appear to have any legible markings on it. The seam runs from the base to the top of the neck, and the neck itself is actually slightly bent to one side. The texture of the glass toward the bottom is indicative of it having been made in a mold. I'd just like to get a good idea of just how old this bottle might be.

Thanks in advance for any and all help!



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