"Drink Joy / There's No Tax On It!" Light blue bottle.

Old "Drink Joy" light blue bottle - value?

Hi everyone! I've been following this forum for a week or so now, but only just now made time to sit down and join. I have a bottle that I am hoping y'all can give me some insight as to where it's from, history, value, etc. I am attaching some pics that I hope attach okay. I made a rubbing of the embossing on the bottle, as it's a little difficult to get a good photo of. The bottle is probably like 6-10 ounces volume, smooth seam but that may be in part due to age (maybe?). I absolutely love this bottle anyway, for the perceived message if nothing else. But I really would love to know everything I can about it! I am just pretty inexperienced with glass/bottles, but am cleaning out an old barn for an old man in my hometown and trying to help him come up with some much-needed cash for some stuff he has going on, so I am trying to be thorough in my research of these buried treasures. I have a bunch more to ask about that I will post a few at a time, but this is.my favorite, so I figured beginner's luck couldn't hurt with posting it first! Thanks in advance!



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