Need Help Identifying Bottle

Can anyone help with info on this bottle? I have an 1890 home and found an additional room behind a basement wall. This bottle was one of the items found. I am not sure how long ago that part of basement was "framed" off but wanted to get some insight on the bottle, because I am unsure if it's an antique at all. The only identifying marks are the number "15" on the bottom of the front of the bottle and the letter "B" that is not centered on the bottom of the bottle. Thanks for any info in advance.


  • Thanks for posting.

    You have a generic whiskey bottle which might date as early as the 1890s. If the mold seam happens to run to the top edge of the lip, then it would be machine made and a bit later. One does not see machine made bottles until about 1915-20

  • Thank you, for the info. The seam does run to the top edge of the lip. I guess I have anew piece of decor!

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