Antique Airline Liquor Bottles

I have recently come into possession of a bunch of old airline liquor bottles that where going to be thrown away. It seemed like a waste, and they might be worth some money, however I know next to nothing about antique bottles so I was hoping to find some answers. Most, if not all, of the bottles are unopened however it seems that some of the liquor has evaporated from some of the bottles because some are half empty, however sealed. Some brands include: Gordon's distilled London dry Gin, White label Dewar's Scotch, and Johnnie Walker black label Scotch, to name a few. I'm guessing there are at least 30 different brands of liquor and I didn't want to include 30 pictures, however if you need more information, I'd be happy to take as many pictures as you need. Any information on the history, dates, condition, and or worth of these would be greatly appreciated.



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