Bottles found while diving the Bahamas

While diving in the Bahamas I found some cannon dated 1560. These bottles were nearby in the sand, and may not be associated with the cannon at all.

The first two are green glass with bubbles, and are irregularly shaped. There are no markings on the sides. The first is 25cm tall.

The second is 27cm tall:

The third is clear glass with a really cool spider's web imprint, including the spider! 26cm tall.

I'm guessing the first two are the oldest, and are gin bottles, and that the third is a fairly modern rum bottle.

What do y'all think?


  • Thanks for posting.

    The first two are the distinct "case gin" shape and I would say these are third quarter 19th century. The spiderweb decorated whiskey or spirits bottle is machine made and is likely second quarter 20th century. There was an article on these very bottles in a recent edition of Antique Bottle and Glass Collector magazine.

  • Thanks Chris! I have to admit the spider bottle is my favorite. The spot was in a harbor, littered with stuff probably tossed overboard. I'll collect more next time I go back. The hurricane likely dislodged a lot of cool stuff.

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