Found at beach, asking for information, please?

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I' m trying to learn more about this bottle, where/when it's from, what was originally in it, or anything about it and appreciate any information you might have about it.

The bottle floated right up to me on Saturday at the beach.

I posted it at another forum and have received comments stating it may be from the 70s or 80s.

From the markings on the bottle bottom, I think it's from Anchor Hocking but I'm unable to get a picture of that marking, it's too faint.

The markings found read:"4/5 pint" 7, 10, 7581, and the symbol which I was able to search for online and do believe its an Anchor Hocking symbol.

I've looked online to try to find out more about it but there isn't much available or I'm not searching in a successful way.

I've also emailed Anchor Hocking's customer service to see if they can be of assistance.

Thanks for any info, thoughts, or ideas on how to find out more and Happy New Year!

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