Sutherland 7 Sisters bottle

I just received a 7 Sisters bottle I purchased on ebay for one of my 6 sisters. It is suspiciously virginal. Of blue glass, very smooth, feels soapy and slick, not a mark on it, bottom to lip. It contrasts markedly from others, of various vintages and colors, I have purchased for my other sisters.

Are there counterfeit bottles of this brand out there? Seems a likely can didate given the prices.


  • Please post a photo - glad to review and give my opinion.

    Cannot say that I have ever seen one although I can say I have seen some reproductions in recent years that leads me to believe it is not hard to find a Chinese or overseas company to produce without too much doing.

    You could also post a link to the auction.

  • If you are referring to the bottle in this auction:

    worry not, I am confident that it is a period piece.

    Incidental nitpick - bottle collectors would call this one aqua in color. Yes, a bit on the blue side of the aqua spectrum but aqua nonetheless.

  • Chris. You are psycho... oops: psychic. That's the one! Yes, yes... aqua. My first post and already I have identified myself as a galump. The bottle is just so very very different from those I have previously purchased, which showed their age and history quite clearly. My sister will love it.

    Thank you all.

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