Green handblown demijohn glass

Markings on the neck are 60 as well as a W inside the shape of a house. There are seams on opposing sides as well as the ones shown on the base of the neck. No cracks or blemishes - just dusty.

I would be so appreciative if someone could give me an idea on its value.

Thank you in advance!



  • Disregard the sticker on it, we were initially going to have a online auction so were numbering items.

  • This is a machine-made demijohn. Collectors are interested in hand-finished bottles. Your best bet is to sell it as a decorator item, the sort of big bottle you might put on your hearth with a couple of fronds of pampas grass. Value as a decorator piece is whatever you can get. Maybe somewhere in the $20 - $40 range (just a guess).

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