Handblown Lowell Railroad Green Flask -- Coventry Glass? -- Value? Age? Pontil, Sheared Top

Looking for age/value of a handblown, green flask with horse and wagon picture and "Lowell" and "Railroad" on one side and Eagle on other. Measures approx. 3" wide x 5". Is it Coventry Glass Works, from mid-1800's? Photos attached. Is this a reproduction?



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    Photos added!

  • Thanks for posting.

    Definitely the real deal - a 19th century original.

  • Were reproductions made of this flask? Still trying to sort out if this is authentic!

  • There is absolutely no question in my mind that your flask is an authentic 19th century piece. Any knowledgeable collector would look at the photo of the base and come to the same conclusion.

    There are a number of different molds for the original Railroad flasks. I am aware of at least two or three different reproduction molds which are slightly different that the originals. There is one mold believed to be from the early 20th c. that might fool some novice collectors - the others have a modern glass weight and feel.

  • Thanks so much -- really appreciate the thoughts!

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