My dad recently passed away. Some of you might know/ known of him, Michael Ritter? Anyways... he left me his 250- 400 pc Bottle and glass collection. Figural whiskeys, smoke bells, demi's, decanters, a couple of Mason jars etc. Everything from top shelf, back bar stuff to what was considered $1-$5 junk pcs 20 + yrs ago. I will attach a few pics of what I have photographed so far. Any help recommendating a auction house... other than Glass Works, would be appreciated. I have nothing against Glassworks it's just that they can't get me in till late spring. Mom is in bad need of a car so I need to act a litte quicker than that. Thanks in advance. Cj.


  • Sorry to hear of your dad's passing...did not know him but the name is familiar.

    These are very nice pieces. Unfortunately I am guessing that both Hecklers and American Glass Gallery (John Pastor) are going to tell you the same thing - next spring at the earliest. The fall sales are underway now, no one has December sales.

    Check with both of them.

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