Need Help With Identifying Age and Value of 9" Green Case Gin Bottle With Four Dots?

I have a green glass case gin bottle with an applied top. Bottle is 9" tall and has fine lines running up and down all four sides that appear uneven in width per side. The bottom of the bottle has four dots or points sticking out a little bit and a larger one in center. I am attaching some photos of the bottle.


  • Thanks for posting. Looks to have an applied lip. Cannot say I have seen such base markings before - intriguing. The center mark seems to resemble a pontil scar - typically one sees such pseudo markings on much newer pieces.

    I would date this to the later 19th century.

  • Thank you very much Chris. I purchased a lot of bottles from an estate and am selling them on eBay under my name jwhst10. I'll start it for $15 on the 1st. Any way that I can repay you?

  • Thanks, you are very kind! Glad to help and I am grateful to have helpers like Harry Pristis who answer lots of questions as well.

    Good luck with your auctions.


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