Small glass Hinge mold bottle found- need help identifying

Found in Georgia on property where the house dates back to 1830's. The bottle has no maker's mark that I have found. Clear glass, with an unusual shape. It is molded - you can see vertical ridges up both sides of the bottle. A tiny glass stopper was found nearby that may go with it.


  • I am feeling that this is a cologne or perfume bottle, based on the size and fancy shape.

    It is almost certainly 20th century - hard to tell more exactly. Might the top of the mouth be ground?

  • That's just awesome!

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    It looks to be a perfume or some sample bottle. From the early 1900s and the warp in the bottle suggests it was in a fire or darn close to it. It was common practice to burn dumps to compact the waste before the 1970s when our country became more conscious of our effects on the environment and most states started to ban such fires. Good Luck!

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