Red Cross 3iv Graduated Bottle (Pictures!) - Historical help?

Hello, all!

I'm brand new to this forum, so if I make any errors please let me know and I'll fix them.

I bought this little bottle in Richmond, Virginia today and would appreciate some help with its history. The cross on its front confuses me the most because I've never seen anything from the Red Cross with this kind of cross. I saw on another forum that this is supposedly from 1900-1910, from the Red Cross Dye Company or the World Organization of the Red Cross but haven't been able to find much more on any of these things.

It's hand sized, clear with a few bubbles in the glass, and it has two seams on opposite corners that run up to the neck of the bottle. The embossing says "Red Cross Trademark Bottles (with German cross or similar?)" "3iv" and the graduated marks on the left side are 1-3, on the right side are 20-100. There is nothing on the bottom.

If anyone has any insight, where/when it was made, by who, holding what, please let me know!

Thank you very much,



  • Interesting bottle, thanks for posting.

    I am not familiar with the bottle. I did find the other forum post which did not seem to precisely ID it. One can hope for a labeled example which might shed some further light.

    Maybe set up a saved search on eBay..

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