Vintage Cuervo Especial Añejo tequila bottle valuation and history

Hi, I’m seeking information about a one-liter, un-opened, vintage bottle of Cuervo Especial Añejo tequila that is about 50 years old. This unique bottle has a fluted neck, tax stamps and seals intact, and has a large black crow with signatures (Marca Registrada) on the reverse side of the label which can be viewed from the back of the bottle through the liquor. An exhaustive search revealed only one mention of a similar bottle which sold at auction on eBay in April 2008 for $295. I suspect my bottle may be circa 1972 because the marks on the bottom are: 72, 1058, 5, and a tiny mark that may contain the letter ‘f’, but which is basically illegible. I’m interested in learning the history, true vintage, and valuation of this bottle as well as how I might go about selling it to the right audience. Any information you may have is welcome. Thank you.


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