1930/1940 Obear-Nestor Bottle

Hi, Hope everyone is great. I have a Full Pint Wine Bottle; Embossed “Federal Law Forbids Sale or Re-use of This Bottle”; Obear-Nester Glass Company, East Saint Louis. (N is a square and 72 - liquor bottle manufacturer code) I am having trouble identifying the logo on the front of the bottle and the R-86. I know D- numbers refer to distiller permit numbers and you can find a list on-line but I have not found reference to R- numbers. Are they wine maker permit numbers? I appreciate any help with the logo and the R-number.


  • Thanks for posting, and good sleuth work so far.

    The R stands for Rectifier and like the Distiller # was an identifier. You will find a discussion of the term here:


    That logo could be tough... Usually it involves brute force digging through eBay looking for bottle matches and hoping to find a labeled example.

    Good luck, do report back anything you find.

  • HI Chris,

    Thank you for the info on Rectifier. Very helpful. I found a match for the logo. It is Glenmore Distilleries out of Owensboro KY founded in 1849.



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