Small yellow bottle with stopper

Looking for an ID, approximate age and value please. The glass is bright yellow (is this a sign it may be modern?), of variable thickness with air bubbles throughout, and glows bright yellow under UV light. It appears to be mold blown, has seams running up both sides to the bottle shoulder. No pontil mark. Size is 5cm wide, 11cm high. Thanks!

link to album


  • Thanks for posting this.

    Wow, I am stumped. You are correct in suspecting that the yellow glass would suggest modern manufacture. Almost every pharmacy type bottle one sees are clear, with the occasional blue or amber.

    Perhaps it is of European manufacture and is later 19th or early 20th century. I do see pieces turn up on eBay that are plenty similar to American made wares but with a twist. Here a "twist of lemon" :-)


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