Help identifying this genie shaped bottle

Hello everyone, my grandparents passed away and my dad and aunt are going through their belongings. They found this bottle and we are trying to identify it. It’s shaped like a genie(my opinion) and has the federal law forbids stamp on the bottom. It’s also stamped with R-194 and 18 61. Any help is appreciated.


  • Thanks for posting. R-194 is the key to the ID - this is the Rectifier number assigned to a company under Federal Law.... in this case I believe it may be Arrow Liqueurs Corp. Detroit Michigan. I found a reference elsewhere online so this is unconfirmed.

    The key to researching is finding a similar bottle with a label or packaging...

  • Thank you so much!! I really want to figure out exactly what was in it originally. I searched the rectifier number but kept getting results referencing a prescription pill.

  • Here is the answer - an example with a label - found in an eBay auction.

    So it is in fact a product of Arrow. The second photo shows the product line (from another eBay auction) yet your bottle is not in that display.

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