Age old Dutch gin bottle


I have a old full unopened bottle of Wolfe's Aromatic Schnapps

I believe it is 1880-1910

Is there anyway to put the age more accurately



  • This product was produced over many decades. To me, the label does suggest a later 19th century bottling.

    My first questions are - might the bottle be machine made? Can you tell if the mold seam runs clear to the top of the lip? A clearer view of the base might help but someone who is an expert on type face use probably could tell you more than anyone.

    Consider also that the bottle may have been re-used so the label and the age of the bottle are not quite the same. Bottle reuse was quite common in the 19th c. although admittedly AFAIK reuse by the same firm was more of a soda / beer bottle thing.

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