Need information on DR. DIMOCK'S Tamarac Bitters Bottle.

I'm having a hard time finding any information on this bottle. Can anybody give me a idea of Value? THANKS.


  • Thanks for posting. This bottle, along with Dr. Dimock's Tally-Ho Bitters, are both listed as rare in the Bitters Bottles book - in fact yours is listed as extremely rare.

    The only auction listing for this bottle is one from 2008 which brought right around 2 grand....darn high for a "square." (and it had a minor base flake) It is hard for me to say what yours might bring at auction but this should be a good starting point for value.

  • Chris, Thanks very much for the info. Mine has a chip at bottom corner otherwise about mint. I wonder if prices have gone up or down since 2008? THANKS,

  • Well, if you have an hour, we could talk about this question of prices up or down....there really is no short answer. As you may be aware, the general antiques trade has taken a beating on prices in the past decade or longer, but bottles have mostly held there own. The key word is "mostly."

    There is some softness and price declines in bottles but not nearly as much irregularity as with other antique categories. Average bottles are flat or down. Damaged bottles or mediocre examples are not doing well. Some categories have dropped while others have not. Great example and rarity are good bets but the open question is how much collectors are reaching for that great piece. In some cases, quite a bit but mostly to about average or expected selling prices. Your bottle is a bit of a tough call - I could see this doing very well at auction if two people are hungry to add this to their bitters collection. I can also imagine bidders holding back from a few bid levels because of the condition.

  • I was told it was worth $350 because of the chip at bottom corner. I know a buddy of mine paid $12,000 for a National CC Jerome Bitters from Detroit with a big crack across bottle, makes me wonder what that would get with no damage. THANKS.

  • Pic of another rare Bitters I dug. Whatcha know about this one. I know it's listed as extremely rare in the ring ham bitters book. any idea of value?

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