Would like help identifying and dating two bottles. One a clear Ball and the other brown from Canada

The first bottle is a pint sized clear bottle that contained some sort of liquor based on the federal law statement on the bottle. The bottom of the bottle contains "A5" in the bottom left corner, "73 D85 53" in the middle, and the word "Ball" in the right middle. Also the bottle has a seam. The second bottle is brown and a half pint and contains the same federal law statement. It also says on the bottom that it was "Bottled by Hiram Walker & Sons LTD. Walkerville, Canada Bottle made in Canada" This bottle also has a seam.

Thanks for any help you can give!


  • There is not a huge amount to say here except these are mid 20th century liquor bottles. The first is marked D85 which is the distillery number. I have identified a number of these companies but not this one.

    Hiram Walker is a brand with a lot of products. Likely this was a whiskey.

    Typically I recommend scanning a site like eBay for labeled examples which can reveal a lot about the product. Try searching eBay on something like "Hiram Walker bottle label"

    Let us know what you find

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