Need Help to ID - Lever Cap Canning Jar

Found a trio of these Jars at my Local Salvation Army. I had not seen anything like them, so for $4 a piece I scooped them up. I figured a quick google search would provide more info (make, age, purpose, rarity) but I've turned up nothing.

Only mark is a W enclosed in a circle, which I think is Wheaton; but I've not turned up any thing similar. I'm not even sure if they are canning jars or some type of lab/embalming type of jar.

There is a visible mold-seam in the bottom and top glass and the glass does appear to contain tiny bubbles of air. Any information the forum could help provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


  • Thanks for posting.

    You are right that the circle-W mark is Wheaton. I am thinking these are earlier to mid 20th century. The question is were they manufactured as product jars for a specific company or was this a generic item created at Wheaton.

    The answer probably lies in an old Wheaton catalog.

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