Need help identifying unique triangular D. S. Co. bottle from England

BOTTLE - 2 sides are flat, one side is rounded so four placed together would form a circle.

Color - aqua tint

Bottom - REGISTERED 1904 D. S. CO.

Two seams almost to the lip

STOPPER - green tinted glass

Embossed LEA & PERRINS

Rough tip

The lady who sold it to me said it was a medicine bottle from England.

I would like to know what kind of bottle it is and its approximate age.


  • Thanks for posting.

    In that Lea & Perrins is a British company, I would say yes the stopper is English. However, the stopper was not originally used in this bottle. I am inclined to say the bottle is American and may very well be a medicine bottle. The shape is indeed unusual.

    Getting more info on the bottle means finding a labeled example..

  • I have reconsidered the origin of the bottle. Am now thinking it could very well be English. I stand by my statement that the stopper does not belong to this bottle

    Below is a photo of the correct bottle with stopper found at

    Note the cork liner between the stopper and the bottle neck.

  • Thanks Chris. The cork liner is very interesting.

    I still need help identifying the bottle.

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