Age of Embossed Miller Beer Bottle

Hi. Today an excavator found this bottle at my home, it is a Miller Beer bottle and still has its' cork. The bottom says "WF&S" and "MIL" … the front says "MILLER" on a curve and "MILWAUKEE" below it. The back says "REGISTERED". There are "seams" on the sides that go all the way up the bottle.

Finding this today is completely sentimental, as today is my birthday and the anniversary of the accident that caused my father's death. My maiden name is Miller, and I am from Milwaukee … so finding this today has an unique connection to my roots (as I had been thinking of my father otday, hoping he would help me find something cool in the excavated piles of dirt and rocks).

Any idea of the year this bottle was produced? Or any history?

Thank you in advance for any information. I have 8 other bottles that have been found during excavation ...


  • Glad you could find something like this on such a day. It gives one pause that sometimes coincidences are more than they might seem.

    The WF&S embossing on the bottom is very helpful. I find in the book, Bottle Makers and Their Marks, that this is the (bottle manufacturer) company mark for William Franzen & Son of Milwaukee that was in business from 1920 to 1929 so we can date your bottle to that decade.

    As for the evolution of the packaging of the Miller Beer product...that is something I will have to leave to the Miller company...

  • Thanks Chris. It is amazing with all the excavating that it was unscathed (along with the other bottles). I would assume the others are the same time frame. This bottle will have a place of honor in my new home.

  • Can you post a pic of the other bottles. Congratulations on that Miller find.

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