Klammer & Malz Bottle

Hello I recently purchased this Klammer & Malz Bottle at a yard sale and I can not find a photo or information on my variant I found a photo of one very similar to mine but it said San Rafael and Petaluma mine just says Petaluma. The Embossing on my Bottle says Klammer & Malz Trade PET Mark Petaluma Cal. It says Pet on the bottom here is a photo Thanks,



  • Thanks for posting this.

    My gut feeling is that such a variant is not that big of a deal value-wise. California bottles are something of a specialty unto their own...the trick is connecting with the collector who really knows California sodas. Perhaps asking around in one of the Facebook specialty groups on bottles is the way to go here.

  • Thanks Chris for the helpful information I’ll be sure to do that many thanks, Jonah

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