blown glass applied handle with wrap utilitarian glass with Alexander Medallion

Hello, I have a very old item here and wondered if I could find out how old this may be and perhaps where it came from. Its small size at around 5" and appears to have some type of wrapped handle that i do not think is plastic or possibly an animal product. I thought perhaps this item may have been dug , Thanks for any info. Please see images


  • Thanks for posting.

    This sure does appear to be a very old item but unfortunately it is not. It is instead a well-crafted modern glass object made to look like ancient Roman / mideastern glass, right down to the bronze coin affixed to the handle.

    On one of my trips to the Corning Glass Museum, perhaps 15 years ago, there was an exhibit of ancient glass interspersed with some modern fake pieces which were quite convincing. I have also seen such replica items in a tourist shop in the mideast.

    Look around the web at "ancient Roman glass" and you will get a sense of how this piece is similar but different...

  • Thank you very much for your expertise , this may really help for future reference . it sure appears old but is not, Thanks

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