Real or fake onion bottle


i would be very grateful if someone could help determine whether or not this bottle has real age to it or if it is a fake. I think the top has been restored around the lip.sorry about flash. It’s about 9 inches high.


  • It has 2 seams .

  • Well, it's not an 18th Century bottle. I've seen some 29th Century use of this onion form, but not this one. I don't think this bottle is a "reproduction" because of the relatively modern lip finish. The "onion" below is almost certainly from Scotlan (Alloa glassworks) and dates to 1800 or so.

  • True, your bottle has an onion-like shape but I would not say it is a fake. It is a globular bottle from the late 19th century which likely held liquor of some sort. To me it is an unusual form for this time period.

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