Anchor Hocking (c.1939?), 1qt whiskey bottle

“D 191” - distiller code?


”9 AH 9” -second 9 meaning 1939?

“FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR REUSE OF THIS BOTTLE” - liqueur bottle requirement?

I would love to know more about this bottle’s age, and possibly what distiller used it. I’m showing my guesses with question marks based on research material I found online. Bottle was found in Belgrade Lakes of Maine while diving for golf balls. Thanks!


  • Thanks for posting.

    Correct - D 191 is the Distiller Permit #

    1939 - Not sure - Bill Lockhart has done quite a bit of research on dating bottles based on manufacturer marks.

    FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS - see my webpage -

    Tracking down the company associated with #191 is work. I have done this for a number of companies through the simple process of scanning eBay for labeled bottles with the FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS embossing. Sometimes sellers will list the base embossing which helps a lot.

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