Looking for a replacement stopper for a Ball Rectanglar Glass Liquor Bottle

I have a rectanglar (8" high x 3.75" wide and 3" deep) glass bottle (liquor) manufactured by Ball. The script appears to match the logo used between 1933 to 1960.

The stopper (3.5" high x 2" wide x 1.375" deep) is glass and rectangular. I would like to find a replacement stopper as the plastic bushing/seal has falling apart. The bottle has sentimental meaning to my wife as it came from her grandparents.

The bottom has writing around the edge that reads: "Federal Law Forbids Sale or reuse of the bottle." The additional writing on the bottom is as follows:


Ball Script

A6               59



  • Since this is such a generic bottle, I believe your best bet is to do some deep digging on eBay in hopes of turning up a match. I can help you a bit by saying I have associated the D-126 number with both the Wolfschmidt Vodka brand and the Calvert whiskey brand.

    You might try searching eBay on these search phrases:

    • Ball decanter
    • Calvert decanter or Calvert bottle or clear Calvert bottle
    • Wolfschmidt vodka decanter, etc.
    • It's a long shot but try D-126 decanter or D-126 bottle. Putting "D-126" in quotes may and searching the body of listings may also help.

    There is no easy way here - persistence pays off.

  • Thanks very much for assisting me in this.

  • Hey, there! I was doing a bit of research on this same bottle as I am about to post for sale. It was a Seagram's bottle according to the following database/spreadsheet I located on line: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/51379b83e4b02119d184b2a2/t/584a336ee4fcb59adb85c48b/1481257838281/User+Permit+numbers.pdf. I hope this helps!



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