Antique apothecary bottles

I' looking for the value of the following antique bottles. Photos attached. Thank you !


  • any body home ?

  • Thanks for posting.

    Most likely in the $5-10 range each. Labeled bottles sell on the eye appeal of the label (colorful or nice graphics is a big plus), condition is important, is the bottle also embossed?, does the label or embossing say CURE or BITTERS or other significant words of medical interest and the list goes on... These appeare to be fairly basic common examples...

    I would encourage you to browse the completed listings at eBay via this link:

    label medicine bottle

  • Thank you for posting Chris. These bottles are well over 100 years old. Some are embossed.

    I have browsed eBay and found one of my bottles with no label advertised for $40 plus shipping.

    I thought I might get more insight from this site. Guess not.

  • There's no simple answer but instead, as I suggested before, there are general guidelines. And one of the axioms of bottle collecting is that there are multiple exceptions to every rule of thumb.

    The problem with using eBay is that there is a mountain of stuff there which is listed but never sells. Add to that - a single item sold is not a guide but not a true statement of value. Add to that, there are literally thousands upon thousands of different bottles such as yours. Almost certainly, you will find similar but not exact matches to what you have.

    If you want to use eBay, be sure to focus on the items which have actually sold.

    If you would like to compare one of your bottles to one that sold on eBay, I am glad to address the comparison and get a bit specific about the similarities and differences of the two from a value perspective.

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