Inherited bottles. Very interesting to see. Value?

The tall purple one with the twists has printed on its front from top to bottom of label reads: JHC J.H. Cutter Old Bourbon, J.H. Cutter Pure Old.Rye, C.P. Moorman, manufacturer, Louisville, Ky, The A.P. Hotaling Co., Sole Accents.

The blue one says Phillips Milk of Magnesia, Reg'd in US Pat Office, Aug. 21 1906. Any questions about any? I just would like to know if they have any monetary value or are just nice to look at? Thanks.


  • The smaller bottles are not worth much to a collector, the capers being the best of 'em:

    milk of magnesia

    French capers

    (2) condiments (olives, cherries, cocktail onions, etc.)

    The bottles most interesting to collectors are the whiskey bottles. One is a back-bar bottle, the other is a presentation bottle, I believe . . . . That is, a bottle that the agent, Hotaling, might present to his best customers at say Christmas.

  • Thanks for your comments. I kind of thought that would be the case. I wonder what the two whiskey bottles might be worth? I know nothing about bottles.

  • The Hotaling acid etched whiskey could be very good indeed. I am not not entirely up on my Western whiskey bottles but this one strikes me as uncommon. I might get in touch with Jeff at out in California for his opinion. Auction might be the best place for selling this one.

    The pattern molded decanter is nice but the market is rather dead on these nowadays.

  • Thank you for the tips!

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