Hi this is my first post. I live on my family’s 100+ year old now defunct dairy farm in upstate South Carolina. I recently found this massive bottle while digging around on the property. It has 3 seams. One circular case seam and pontil mark, and 2 seams on each side from the bottom extending up to the lip of the bottle, which is imperfectly shaped and tool marks are evident. There are a few bubbles throughout the glass, and no markings. The bottle has a very slight purple hue. There are absolutely NO markings anywhere here on this piece. I know this is old and really wanted to know if anyone here could ID. Thank you so much. I will include many pics for reference.


  • A demijohn from about 1900. Used for bulk liquids -- perhaps for medication or food supplement for the dairy cows OR for whiskey for the cow-keepers. Your bottle was blown in a two-piece, cup-bottom mold.

  • Wow thank you so much! Thats the one! That makes sense because where i found it was an old dairy farm, where i live now.

  • Those dots you see on the shoulder of the bottle are air / gas vents. When the glass gets blown into the mold, air between the glass and the mold escapes through the holes in the mold.

    Larger bottles like yours were commonly covered in wicker to protect them from damage.

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