“Mont d’Or” ?Found old bottle of wine

A gentlemen gave me this bottle and told me he found a full case in Germany. He said it’s from WWII.

There is wording on the heat seal that says Mont d’Or

and the emboss circle on the bottle appears to say the same. There is very little wording left I. The bottle with the exception of a small “u” followed by a red “P”. I believe it to be “chateauneuf du pape”


  • I cannot tell from your photos but it would appear from the first picture that this is a screw top bottle. The last photo, of the base, with its numbers and textured rim, also suggests a much newer manufacture than 1940s.

    From Wikipedia - Châteauneuf-du-Pape literally translates to "The Pope's new castle" - and I can tell you it is a white wine - a Burgundy. I am not sure but Mont d'Or might be the vineyard.

    I am no wine expert but it is my understanding that white wines do not age well like reds do. I would assume the contents are undrinkable.

  • Here is a better picture of the whole bottle. It appears to be a push in style cork with a lip. Its not a screw type top.

  • Thanks the extra photo is helpful, but after reviewing the base again, I am confident saying this is much newer than you have been led to believe. The marks around the edge of the base and the notch in the edge of the base suggest a bottle of the era of mechanized production and filling. This bottle is 1980s or newer.

  • thanks for the followup!

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