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Hi, found this bottle today which was buried in a wall of my French house. The name on the bottle is j.le Manach who was either the brother or grandfather of lady Mond who lived in our village and was one of the wealthiest people in the world at her time. I'm wondering if anyone can help me date the bottle. Lady Mond lived from 1869-1949. The bottle has 2 seems running from top to bottom, it is covered in swirls and imperfections like air bubbles, it has a thumb print in bedded in the base. The bottle has the letters J.LE MANACH, BELLE ISLE EN TERRE, written on it. A value would be helpful but not looking at selling.



  • Thanks for posting.

    If the mold seam runs clear to the very top of the lip, then it's a machine made bottle of the 20th century. US collectors have to be a bit careful since, from my experience, European bottles can have a very different feel...for example one would not expect to see such a bubbly swirly machine-made bottle here in the US.

    I really am not much help in the value department here.

    What is the height of this bottle? I am wondering as to its use. Mineral water maybe? Olive oil?

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