Ruby red bottle identification??

Hello there, I'm trying to identify a bottle (use and age) that I purchased an a Brooklyn "junk yard" several years ago. The stopper is porcelain and i believe there is one vertical seam that goes up to the base of the lip, not on the lip. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Your bottle has a Lightning-style closure which suggests an earlier age of manufacture but your bottle is modern and undoubtedly machine made.

    The red color of the glass is often made with a bit of gold in the glass batch.

  • Hi, thanks so much for your response! Yes, it has a slight orange hue in some areas if looked at in the light... I'm assuming that's the gold. I knew it definitely wasn't flash glass as I worked with flash for years. The glass has a very blown texture to it, not smooth and uniform. Like antique glass... wavy when you peer through it. So that coupled with it not being flash threw me off. I'm a novice at this though so could you please enlighten me as to why it's definitely machine made? This way I know what to look out for. Thanks for your help!

  • First it would be helpful to see a photo of the base of the bottle. Also, the mold seam - does it go up to the very top of the lip?

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