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Description: American. Commercial perfume bottle with label. Cologne. 8 1/2” h. Original cork. Clear glass. Molded. No visible seams. No markings on bottom. Excellent condition – no chips or cracks. Photos attached.

Label reads: “Cologne Water. Prepared by H.W. & Co. Perfumers N.Y.”

Microscopic type at bottom edge of label, not totally readable – “...409 Broadway, N.Y.”

Purchased years ago from a dealer in MA who supposedly dealt only in Sandwich glass. Some experts at the IPBA say it’s not. Have seen this bottle a number of times on eBay (without label) identified as “rope and star” design attributed to Sandwich glass. Interestingly, all the sellers were from the New England area. Don’t have any reference books on the subject and cannot dispute the opinion given. A lot of sellers on eBay aren’t knowledgeable about what they sell. Also know it’s impossible -- to know everything – about everything! One person gets it wrong – everybody picks up on it – and everybody gets it wrong!

Getting ready to set up at a perfume bottle convention. Will read or comment on postings after May 8. Have posted 2 other perfume bottles. Looking for whatever info anyone may have about them. Thanks.

Joan, Austin, TX

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