Help with age, value, rarity - "Clear Heads Choose Calvert"

Calvert reserve one pint whiskey bottle Brown oval ball manufactured bottle G6 Ball logo 16LW D126 76 46 markings on bottom. federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle below neck/top bottle. Estimated half inch screw lid. one pint front and back with 6 on one side at bottom edge front label good condition back can not make out . corner of what I guessing to be Illinois state tax stamp to left of back label. Please help age / worth / and Rarity of bottle


  • Your mid 20th century whiskey might be cannot know precisely what each number on the base means but that is possible.

    BALL is usually known for their canning jars but here is proof (86 proof :-) they produced bottles as well.

    Sorry to say not much value here - the label is neat to see but really bottles of this age really need to shine in many respects to catch the attention of collectors.

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