Wheaton medical bottles (?) found with a plain egg-shaped bottle and others

I found these at an old fishing spot that has very little recent activity, they were above the ground mainly resting in the dirt. My parents do some collecting, but in a completely different state and haven't seen bottles like these before. All I know is the Wheaton logo, due to some research. Any info would be great! I'm really curious.


  • As shown in the last photo, 4 of your 5 items are medical ampules. In other words, mid 20th century medical waste.

    The bulb shaped glass object appears to be a light bulb. I cannot tell from your photos but you should see some type of glass stem inside which supported the bulb's leads and filament.

    While these objects have no value, dumps of this era still can contain items of value (for example milk and soda bottles). It is also possible to find earlier objects that were tossed in with this trash.

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