Labeled 1880's Glenlivet Whisky Bottle ~ Hudson's Bay Company Sole Agents for British Columbia

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Looking for any information on this labeled whiskey bottle. The label is dated 1885 and I feel this bottle with label probably dates in the 1886-1890 range, but not sure. Back label states this was distributed by the Hudson's Bay Company. Bottle is a 3-piece construction with applied lip. Bottle was real dirty and full of gunk when found, cleaned up nice, making sure not to touch the already stained label. The bottle is about 12-1/4" in height. Any information would be appreciated, approx. value?


  • Thanks for posting.

    You did a great job cleaning the bottle and preserving the label! Your date range is about right for this British made bottle, my gut feeling is the $50ish range, possibly a bit more. When the label carries the value, then it all falls to color, condition, graphics, brightness of colors. etc. Yours is pleasing but it is not what I would call a top example.

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