Sharing 2 Massive TOC Scotch Whisky Bottle Dispensers

I thought I would share these on the forum. They are around 1900. Certainly made in Scotland and possibly by the same person. Almost 3 feet tall. Hand blown with applied top and spout. These would have been filled and refilled from a larger vessel. The amazing thing about these rare survivors is how light they are. You would expect them to be heavy but they are not. Labels are from the period but probably had previous labels from different distillers.


  • Thanks for posting! I guess one might say back-bar dispenser rather than decanter. Unusual, I do not recall seeing such a form previously.

  • I have seen one other one before. I actually have an original photo of the interior of a pub from around 1910 where you can see the same type bottle in the far right corner. I have attached it.

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