Very old glass Christmas ornaments

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Can someone help me identify what these antiques? I think they are all Christmas ornaments. My Mother-in-law recently passed away. She was 91 and her father was 70 when he had her. I think she said that some of these were from before he was born, so I'm thinking they are very old.

We are trying to find the value of the items in this box. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


  • Every item is glass except the star. I’m especially curious about the glass bulbs that look like baby rattles. They seem to be a Christmas ornament because they can be hung from the top. I think they’re very old but I can’t find anything like them on the Internet

  • Although these are made of glass, they are a specialty of their own. I have no idea of the value.

    I did, however, find this link which you may find useful:

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