How to add photos to your posts


(1) If you do not have a user account, create one. See the separate instructions for creating a user account. Click the "Create Account" button in the right column toward the top.

(2) Make sure that you have photos ready on your computer. We encourage you to resize them. Photos coming directly from your digital camera are big on the screen and are big files which can take a long time to upload. See our other instructional post on how to resize photos. [link]

For adding photos, you have two choices:

(A) Use the Attachments option when creating a topic or replying - just click on the black attachments icon as shown in the graphic below. Add multiple photos if you like.


(B) Use a picture hosting service of your choice. We like PostImage ( - upload your photo there then use their "Hotlink for Website" option. Just copy their code and paste into your forum post.

You can also use another service like Flickr - there are many options and they function in a similar way.

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  • I have just updated the forum and improved the file upload procedure. I am hopeful that these changes will address the difficulties that some users have been experiencing.
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    I have discovered that large files may fail to upload. If you are having difficulty uploading a file (the upload begins and you see a moving "uploading" bar graphic) but the file upload does not complete, then quit, resize the file locally on your computer and retry the upload.

    I find that files up to 2.5MB work fine. Files greater in size than this will often fail.

    Irfanview is a great, simple, and free image editing program.
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