Help With Seagram's 5 “Five Crown” Half-Pint Brown Whiskey Bottle Please & Thank You!

Hello, I'm a bottle newbie so thanks in advance for any info as to the rarity, or possible value, of this bottle, as I've come up with very little so far. I came across this Seagram's 5 “Five Crown” half-pint, brown, blended whiskey bottle at a garage sale and am having trouble finding anything that is exactly the same. I did find a few similar bottles that were clear, and also one brown one, but the glass was not smooth as this one is which makes me wonder if mine is even legit? It has a South Dakota Tax Stamp, and reads “Made In D126 U.S.A 13-42” with an Anchor symbol to the right of the text on the bottom. I assume the Anchor symbol means it was manufactured by “Anchor Hocking” but that is also an assumption of which I could easily be very wrong. I posted several photos I hope are clear enough for anyone with some knowledge to review and I am happy to answer any additional questions as best I can. Thanks again!


  • Thanks for your post.

    Correct that the bottle manufacturer is Anchor Hocking. It is possible the "42" on the base suggests a 1942 date of manufacture but that should not be considered definitive. Nonetheless, your bottle is definitely mid 20th century in age.

    Value - There is not much of a market for 20th century booze bottles unless they happen to still be full and sealed. That is another story :-) The empty ones, of which there is a seemingly endless supply, can have some value if they have particularly attractive labels. It also helps a lot if they are pre-Prohibition or Prohibition era rather than after.

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