Is this bowl Heisey?

My parents were avid Heisey collectors and dealers. They also collected some pieces from Imperial, Fenton, and a few other glassware manufacturers. They were most active in the 1970's, 1980's and into the late 1990's. Both are deceased and I am trying to catalog their collection. One bowl has me puzzled, I cannot find the pattern in any Heisey guides and a search of eBay and Etsy has not found it. There is a "daisy" flower pattern in the bottom of the bowl and on the sides. There is no Heisey diamond "H" anywhere. The bowl measures 9 3/4" diameter and 5" tall. The glass is much clearer than it appears in the photo and does not have the slight yellow sheen of the photo. The color cast and "filmy" look are due to the lighting conditions in which the photo was taken. For example the rim is clear. Does anyone know the manufacturer and pattern of this bowl?


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