Bohemian Enameled Glass?

I recently inherited these from my deceased grandmother. She mentioned to my mom that they were from the Napoleonic War to celebrate the liberation of Holland? They don't have any seams in them, but there is a mark at the bottom of the glass where I believe the stem would be cut off when blown? They are very thin glass and hand painted. The writing on the one glass was VIVAT DE REPUBIK.

Any other information on these pieces? The link above has a few photos, but I can get others if it would help. Very curious about them, their rarity and approximate value.


  • From the Corning Museum of Glass:

    "Thank you very much for your enquiry. Your tumblers do indeed appear to be of early 19th century Southern German or Bohemian production. The inscription would suggest a Dutch market. That they were produced to celebrate the liberation of The Netherlands from the French seems a very reasonable supposition."
  • Sotheby's has also confirmed that it is Bohemian Beaker glasses, circa 1800, though no interest in selling it. Any advice on how to find the value?
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